Controlled transport of liquid matter through channels with dimensions from Ångströms to nanometres promises huge technological and socio-economical impact. At these scales, however, unconventional physics emerges due to enhanced fluctuations, prevalence of surfaces and granularity of matter. Novel experimental and computational approaches are then needed. Fluxioncs will ensure the concerted development of these approaches and their application to exciting system. The project will also train future scientific leaders in the rapidly growing field of nanofluidics.


Join the team

Fluxionic is seeking 15 motivated PhD Candidates in the interdisciplinary field of Fluid Flow in Nanoconfinement. Apply to join a team of leading experts in experimental and computational physics, chemistry, materials science and nanoscale. You will benefit from a collaborative and stimulating enviroment, combing topical and supra-disciplinary training with opportunities to move between academia and industry. Our European network involves academic nodes and industrial partners in Barcelona, Paris, Berlin, Mainz, Bochum, Delft, Trondheim, Cambridge, Oxford, Manchester, and Lausanne.

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